The Agency comprises 17 Departments:

  1. The Creative Department

The Heart of InHouse A team of talented professionals responsible for the development of Integrated Marketing Campaigns – providing a variety of ideas as well as concepts. This helps satisfy different styles, guaranteeing diversity to our clients.

  1. The Art Department

With 18 designers and 6 visualizers, InHouse has the capability of carrying out a comprehensive printed campaign. Our database of ideas, backgrounds, fonts, textures and textiles guarantee a wide variety to choose from as well as speed in execution.

  1. Outdoor Advertising Department (Billboards)

InHouse is very proud to be the first in Egypt in both running a campaign using outdoor signage and the use of succettes in a campaign. Through our ownership, rental and sub-contracting of prime locations all over Cairo and the governorates – InHouse is capable of running a successful outdoor campaign at a price that cannot be matched in the market. We also provide the additional service of outdoor Daily monitoring, for the follow-up of the status of your outdoor signage – regarding its overall maintenance – cleanliness, confirming that it is properly secured, and ensuring that it is lit – at an additional cost.

  1. The Account Handling Department

InHouse appoints at least 2 executives to every account, coming from a marcom background, and not just advertising background. This is to ensure their understanding of the impact of the decisions taken regarding the brand. The team of account handlers is characterized by being professional, committed, available 24/7, well informed, friendly and discreet –ethically representing the client’s best interests at all times within the agency.

  1. The Business Development Department

A team of professionals representing the company who ensure sales growth through attracting new customers to do business, as well as joint activities among existing clients.

  1. The Professional Photography Department

InHouse provides the service of professional photography, through a fully equipped studio after realizing the astronomical cost per day incurred on our clients before. We invested in both photographers and equipment, by developing a state-of-the-art studio.This help reduce the price substantially enabling our clients to enjoy still shot professional photography on a regular basis. We also supervise photo-shoots and contract professional photographers if a specific one is required. Another related product is the “Photo Bank” – which is a wide variety of shots taken of different products that can be purchased and are ready to use.

  1. The Production Department

InHouse produces TV Documentaries, Commercials, and Radio Advertisements. Through our policy of no hidden margins, the ownership of a warehouse, furniture, wardrobe and props – the cost of production is reduced to nearly 35% below the market price. InHouse also offers special deals with DOPs (Directors of Photography) and with the graphics unit, edit suite and sound studio all being under the same roof, making the cost very competitive.

  1. Telecine and Post Production

InHouse works with the most prominent Post-Production Houses in London and Beirut for the remaining stages of production that occur after the shooting and/or recording of the completed work – which includes soundtrack adding, telecine (color correction) and visual effects. We also have our own directors on board with us as part of the team, in addition to our network of celebrated directors with whom we share a professional relationship and have joined forces in many projects.

  1. The Sound Studio and Music Department

InHouse has a very advanced studio with its very own writers, composers, musicians, and voice over performers, in addition to all the equipment to create a complete Radio Campaign from beginning to end. Worth noting is the fact that if a client requests a specific melody which he/ she likes, then he will be responsible for its copyrights, and not InHouse.

  1. The Edit Suite

The InHouse Edit Suite comprises of 5 Edit Units, with professional editors that facilitates the scheduling and booking, therefore saving both time and cost by being part of our fully integrated operation.

  1. The Graphics and 3D Department

The InHouse graphic designers are masters in the art of visual representation of ideas and messages. Using the latest programs and state-of-the-art technology, we provide innovative designs at a reasonable cost.

  1. The Direct Marketing Department

Direct Marketing includes activities that send a direct message to the consumer without the use of conventional media, and usually “Calls for Action”. At InHouse, we provide our clients with Booth Designs, Displays, Event Management, Brand Activation Activities, Vehicles, In-Store and Door-to-Door (Leaflet Distribution) – in order to convey the message clearly with satisfactory results.

  1. The Research Department

InHouse has a “Casual” Research Team that performs simple trade consumer research. We adopt a hands-on approach, and guarantee fast, reasonably priced results on a national scale.

  1. The Media Planning & Monitoring Department

InHouse provides the service of media planning and booking according to the client’s budget and target group; guaranteeing true value for your money. We also provide a systematic 24/7 service of the recording of radio and television broadcasts, the collection of press clippings from print media publications (Newspapers and Magazines) and the collection of data from online information sources (Internet) – in order to monitor the total media scene. Media monitoring is practically achieved by a combination of technologies — including audio and video recording, high-speed text scanners and text recognition software – with of course human readers and analysts. Our scope also includes cinemas, outdoors, and event sponsorships. We provide daily reports to our clients and provide them with their competitors’ spending to-date, in addition to that of the past year. We take pride in describing our service as the providers of “Top-Notch Media Intelligence in Egypt”.

  1. The Packaging Department

At InHouse, the Packaging Department specializes in creating customized packaging to help you sell your product. With a database of 7,000 models from different industries, in addition to the experience in specifications and knowledge of the various printing materials available in the market, we remain dedicated to innovative packaging solutions making sure that your product is successfully packaged and displayed.

  1. The Digital Media Department

In recognition of the increasing power of the Internet and smart phones in people’s lives, we created a department that specializes in both the development of digital advertising campaigns both online and on mobile phones. Another service provided by this division is website development. We have a professional design department that supplies tailor-made visually attractive web-page designs paired with intelligent technology, to help you enhance your business. This is achieved through applying new web development technology making your site faster while being user-friendly; search optimization is also implemented helping your clients to find you and get to know more about you, the services your provide hence attracting more potential customers doing research on the Internet.

  1. The Printing Department

InHouse deals with the largest suppliers for offset and digital printing with the latest technology in publishing software. We provide our clients with an excellent quality of printing, that is speedy, reliable and guarantee competitive prices.