Art/Packaging & CIM

We are proud to have our own team of dedicated designers and visualizers. They are able to create outstanding advertising layouts as well as comprehensive printed campaigns.

We strive to help our clients sell their products in innovative and interesting ways, allowing them to deliver their messages to their target audience at the very first glance. Our work helps our clients obtain a quick and high return on any investment into their advertising. With our database of ideas, backgrounds, fonts, textures and textiles, we guarantee a wide variety of choice, as well as speed in execution.

Knowing that Your brand is your most significant asset, and the value of promoting and protecting your visual identity is of paramount importance. We therefore have a dedicated team of specialists who create professional and complete corporate identity manuals to ensure conservation of these assets, as well as ensuring a better delivery of your unique brand essence, positioning, and personality to the public as well as your key stakeholders.

At InHouse, we’ve created the Packaging Unit that is specialized in creating inspirational, compelling, and communicative packaging designs, which are tailored to your product needs. We are able to provide you with unconventional standards to give your packaging unique visual identities, which will always stand out in a crowd.

With our experience in packaging specifications and our knowledge of the various printing materials available in the industry, we remain dedicated to innovating packaging solutions to ensure that your product is successfully chosen.