Activations, Events & Booths

Bringing your brands to life and encouraging your customers’ participation with brand activities is essential for you to deploy your brand positioning. Whether you are launching a new brand, or want to create awareness for your existing one, at InHouse, we will provide you with displays, exhibitions, event management, brand Activation, vehicle designs, in-store and door-to-door activities, and many more in order to convey your brands’ messages clearly and speedily.

As a support for the activations and events unit, we’ve created a unit that is specialized in both cutting-edge and unique trade exhibits and booths designs and production. Not only do these strike instant attention, but they also inspire positive reactions and stand out in trade shows.

With our advanced technology and invaluable flexibility, we can design and create almost any look and function.

Our exceptional designs will help attract visitors to your booths and our high quality production will ensure positive enhancement of your image.

In Store Advertising / Signage
The interior advertising decorations in your showrooms and outlets have a significant impact on your customers, which will influence potential sales and brand reputation. Whether your aim is to trigger recall, introduce new products, or promote specific items, the décor used has a great influence on your potential consumers. For this reason, we have a dedicated, specialized advertising unit to design the communication in your showrooms, outlets and shops.